Super Mario Kart becomes real thanks to augmented reality

A Japanese company has created, inside a Luna Park, a platform to be able to play Super Mario Kart using augmented reality

Are you still skeptical about augmented reality? You will definitely change your mind after seeing the Hado Kart application. It is a platform to bring the famous Mario Kart video game into AR (Augmented reality). The project has been developed by a Japanese company, 3rd Planet, and is part of a Luna Park focused on virtual reality.

To tell the truth, this is not the very first augmented reality application that is inspired by the most famous plumber in the entire world of video games. In the past we have already seen Super Mario Bros in AR, but for playability and features Mario Kart seems to be much more fun. First of all, because we will be able to challenge friends in multiplayer mode. At this point most people will be wondering: but how do you play? Easy, you have to drive along a track a real go-kart, with the only difference that instead of the track we’ll see the coins we have to collect.

Super Mario Kart AR

Practically the winner is whoever collects the most coins, which are divided by value into bronze, silver and gold. During the challenges, however, you have to watch out for bombs. Whoever passes over the explosive elements receives penalty points and will lose control of the go kart for a few seconds. Each user sees the other players with a small flag on their head so that they can identify their rival, while those who win the challenge will be tagged with a small crown above their head. Hado Kart is just one of the first innovations that augmented reality is bringing. One thing is for sure, with the increasing development of AR and VR viewers, the concept of static video games that we have nowadays will be completely revolutionized.

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