How to see Dark 3 streaming in Italian

On June 27, 2020 the new season of Dark arrives on Netflix: fans of the TV series are already ready, here are previews on the plot, where and how to see it

The jumps back and forth in time typical of Dark have been thrilling a huge portion of Netflix audience since 2017, when the first episodes were released. The TV series is now about to return with a third and final season, where we will finally see Martha, Jonas, Claudia and all the protagonists again.

Dark is a German content designed for a very wide audience: it mixes science fiction, thriller and a touch of horror, but it also talks about love and friendship, not to mention that time travel allows us to know different historical contexts. In short, it could please everyone, also taking into account the excellent production behind it. The plot is set in the small village of Winden that is involved in the disappearance of two children followed by very strange events. From here everything begins. On June 27, 2020 new episodes were released that will allow the audience to understand all the mysteries that characterize the series. Here’s how to watch Dark 3 in streaming.

Dark 3: previews

The trailer of Dark 3 was released by Netflix Italy Youtube channel on June 11, 2020, after the official announcement given on May 30. The clip offers several anticipations about the TV series. First of all, the new Martha, who we saw in the last episode of Dark 2 looks like she will have a central role and will also allow to understand how the world originated. She comes directly from parallel universe and it is therefore clear that the new season will not be played only on jumps in time but also in space.

The new episodes will also resume the love story between Martha and Jonas, but it is undermined by another character, Claudia. Lei proprio come si capisce dalle anticipazioni ha un ruolo controverso che sicuramente verrà chiarito nella nuova stagione.

Quante sono le puntate di Dark 3

Proprio come la stagione precedente, anche Dark 3 avrà in tutto 8 episodi che dureranno da 45 minuti a un’ora ciascuno, tranne l’ultimo che invece sarà di 68 minuti. Ecco la lista delle puntate:

  • Déjà-vu
  • I sopravvisuti
  • Adam e Eva
  • L’origine
  • Vita e morte
  • Luce e ombra
  • Nel frattempo
  • Il paradiso

Quando esce Dark 3

La terza stagione di Dark esce il 27 giugno 2020 alle ore 9:00 del mattino. La data di uscita non è stata scelta a caso: i fan ricorderanno questo è anche il giorno che, tra ipotesi e profezie, corrisponde a quello dell’apocalisse nella serie tv. So the production wanted to wink at the fans, choosing a special day and thus creating an even more special atmosphere.

Where to watch Dark 3 on TV

Just like all previous seasons, Dark 3 can be watched on Netflix, the video streaming service that allows subscription access to a large catalog of TV series, movies, documentaries, anime and more. The contents can be watched online on smartphones and tablets or using the web version from PC. Of course, they are also available on smart TVs and can be watched on TV by those who have a suitable support, such as a console.

To watch Dark 3 on TV, just launch the Netflix app and select the content from the Home Page. The playback will start from the first episode of the new season if you have followed all the others, while those who have never seen it will be able to see it from the first season.

How to watch Dark 3 streaming in Italian

To watch Dark 3 live streaming you need to use one of the devices supported by Netflix and launch the app. To watch the episodes of Dark 3 you need to click on the banner dedicated to the TV series and click on the play button on each of the eight episodes.

The original language of Dark 3 is German, but dubbing in Italian is available. To set the Italian language just start the streaming episode and press the icon depicting three sheets in the top right corner of the screen. Here you’ll also find the item that lets you choose the audio and subtitles. Select “Italian” in one or both and you’re done. Viewing is recommended for audiences over the age of 14.