Xiaomi Mi Band 5: features and differences between the two versions

Xiaomi could launch two different models of the Mi Band 5: a Lite and a Pro. The main difference will be the presence of NFC for contactless payments

In China it was officially presented a week ago, while in Europe it will arrive in July, but the surprises of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 do not seem to end here. We have already told you that in Europe it will come with a different name (Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5), but now comes a news: the models will be two, one Lite and the other Pro.

What will be the differences between the two versions? We still don’t know the exact details, but it leaks that the main differences concern the presence of NFC and some features for monitoring physical activity. It is not even certain that both versions will arrive in every country in Europe: in some may arrive only the Lite model, in other only the Pro. An important change for Xiaomi compared to the strategic choice made in China, where only one model was presented with support for both NFC and Alexa. As for the size, the two models will mount the same 1.2-inch OLED screen.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 Lite and Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 Pro: the differences

The main features of the two activity trackers are identical and already known after the presentation of the device at the beginning of June in China. The color OLED screen will have a diagonal of 1.2 inches and will show all the most important information about your health status (such as heart rate) and daily activity (calories consumed, step counter and distance traveled). In addition, you will be able to choose from more than 100 new animated watchfaces.

The differences between the Mi Band 5 Lite and the Mi Band 5 Pro will be mainly on accessory functions. The big debate is about the presence of NFC, the technology that allows contactless payments. On the version launched in China it is present, while there are still a lot of doubts that it can be on the European Mi Smart Band 5. The reason is simple: to integrate contactless payments requires an agreement between Xiaomi and the various credit card circuits, agreements that at the moment there are not yet. Only in Russia a partnership between the Chinese company and Mastercard has been confirmed, but it has not been extended to the rest of Europe.

Probably Xiaomi is preparing a big surprise for the European presentation that should take place next month: the arrival of NFC. And the launch of two models serves to give everyone the opportunity to buy the activity tracker, even those who do not want to use this technology.

How much will cost the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

The launch of two different models is also designed to give everyone the opportunity to buy the new Mi Smart Band 5. The Lite version, in fact, should cost around 30 euros, for the Pro version with NFC the price could exceed 40 euros. A cost all things considered acceptable for one of the best smart bands for value for money on the market.