Goliath: when the fourth season arrives on Prime Video

Amazon Orginal unveils first images for the September return of Billy Bob Thornton in the new season of Goliath.

Amazon Prime Video has announced, unveiling the first preview images, the arrival on Friday, September 24 of the fourth season of Goliath. TV series starring Billy Bob Thornton, winner of two Golden Globes, one for Fargo, and the other just for Best Actor Drama Series for Goliath.

Goliath is a U.S. television series born in 2016 that stars Billy McBride a lawyer played masterfully by Thornton. There are three seasons currently available on Prime Video. It is a legal drama that follows the events of McBride a lawyer in search of his own personal redemption. Billy wants to get real justice in a system increasingly corrupted by money and business, where the only ones with fairness would seem to be the rich and powerful. Amazon Prime Video plans distribution in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

What Goliath 4 will be about

In the new season, McBride returns to his roots, and along with Patty, played by Nina Arianda, will take an assignment from one of San Francisco’s most prominent law firms. The opioid industry in America is the new Goliath to fight. During this new chapter the loyalty and honesty of spirit at the core of their partnership will be tested.

Billy faces her chronic pain and Patty is tormented by the thought of being used. In this final season of Goliath, Billy McBride will face a true global crisis.

The cast of Goliath 4

In the cast of Goliath 4 we have the iconic Billy Bob Thornton as the justice-seeking lawyer, Patty Solis-Papagian will again be played by Nina Arianda and Tania Raymonde will once again play Billy Brittany Gold the assistant and prostitute of McBride in this new season. Confirmed also Diana Hopper will be again Denise, Billy’s daughter.

Goliath 4

The new faces are Geoffrey Arend, protagonist of Madam Secretary, and Brandon Scott that we have appreciated in the series This Is Us on Netflix.

Trivia of Goliath 4

Goliath, in the development stages had another name:  Trial. David E. Kelley creator of this extraordinary series. David E. Kelley, the creator of this extraordinary series, is also the producer of Big Little Lies as well as a great connoisseur of the legal drama genre. His are the great successes of Ally McBeal, The Practice and also Boston Legal.

Amazon had first asked Kevin Costner to play the lawyer Billy McBride and after the refusal found the approval of Thornton who then won the prestigious Golden Globe for the extraordinary performance in 2017.

The series was entirely shot in Santa Monica. The bar – restaurant Chez Jay assiduously frequented by Billy really exists and is located at 1657 Ocean Ave.

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