How to contact TIM customer support via WhatsApp

The phone operator TIM is launching a channel dedicated to customer support on the WhatsApp application, here’s what it will be used for and how we can use it

After some testing phases, the phone company TIM is about to launch the first support center in Italy on WhatsApp. This is the first initiative of its kind among all telephone operators currently operating in our country.

In a first phase of launch, the TIM technical assistance service through WhatsApp will be available exclusively for customers subscribed to TIM Pay. In practice, only for those who are subscribed to TIM’s digital payments system. In case of problems on the fixed line of home or office or on inefficiencies on the TIM SIM of our smartphone we can then send a message on WhatsApp to TIM to ask for help or report a problem Network. But this is just a first step towards a complete and comprehensive customer service for TIM on the messaging app. In the coming weeks, in fact, we’ll see continuous updates to the service. Here are the main features that we will find on the TIM contact via WhatsApp.

What we can do with TIM assistance on WhatsApp

In addition to reporting problems we can contact TIM on WhatsApp for many other operations. Such as, for example, ask for an invoice, get notifications of payment due dates and many other additional services provided by our fixed or mobile tariff plan. To contact TIM via WhatsApp we will not have to do anything but write to the fixed channel of the operator that will be opened on the app in the coming days. In practice, we will have to do no more or less than what we do when we write a WhatsApp message to a friend or relative.

Most likely, TIM’s move will soon be copied by other telephone operators active in Italy. In fact, WhatsApp, with a monthly active user base in 180 countries around the world close to 2 billion, represents the best communication channel for many companies. For its part, WhatsApp is also pushing a lot of national and international companies to carry out initiatives such as TIM’s. The hope of Facebook, which manages the app, in fact, is to eclipse the importance in customer support and not only that have at the moment some channels on Telegram, at the moment the great rival of WhatsApp among the applications for instant messaging.