Microsoft launches Teams Essentials for SMBs

The new tool just launched by Microsoft is completely dedicated to SMBs. What are the main features and how much does it cost to use it

Collaborative tools for businesses once again end up in the spotlight thanks to Microsoft. And so the IT giant has pulled a new standalone out of the hat, which focuses on useful collaboration tools and tools for video conferencing between members of the same workgroup: here’s what it’s all about.

A few hours ago the announcement of the launch of Microsoft Teams Essentials, the new version of┬áTeams┬ácompletely dedicated to SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises. The new app is the result of the commitment of the Redmond company that aims, once again, to simplify the operations of communication and cooperation within the company team. This is a package that aims, similarly to what already happens with its “big brother”, to provide all the elements necessary to work in a practical and functional way in the office as well as remotely, especially in a historical period like the one currently underway, where the distance and communication difficulties related to social distancing are still felt significantly.

Microsoft Teams Essential, what it consists of

Microsoft Teams Essential’s fundamental tools include the one that allows you to carry out videoconferences easily and quickly; up to 300 participants can take part in virtual meetings, for a total duration of the single meeting of a maximum of 30 hours. That’s a decidedly lower number than the 1,000 participants of Teams, but, of course, it’s a choice that suits SMEs perfectly. In fact, it is far too abundant.

To this, then, are added further integrations that provide a 10 GB space for saving files, twice as much as the free version, and the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations using the same software, without the need to rely on additional external programs. In addition, there is the integration with Outlook and Google Calendar, another useful feature particularly exploited to stay up to date on meetings and deadlines coming up.

Microsoft Teams Essentials, how much does it cost

The cost to use Microsoft Teams Essentials is $4 per month for each user, a figure definitely contained for a tool so rich in features. There is a valid motivation behind the choice: Redmond’s goal is to provide an intermediate step – even if on payment – between the free tool and the one included in the subscription to Microsoft 365, available at a much higher price.

Just on the latter, according to Microsoft, there would be features potentially not very functional for small companies, so as to discourage a possible subscription. On the other hand, instead, the limitations present in the free version for personal use (mainly on the participants and the time limits for videoconferences) cuts out a whole slice of the market that until now has fully exploited the tool.

It would be just this part of the business public that, enticed by such a small amount, could make the final jump towards the paid version, with a good compromise between functionality and costs. An occasion that, for sure, will capture the interest of many realities of the sector.