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What really is a quantum computer and why could it change the world?


a little machine that would fuck up our existence even more.

Moureaux Desan

First, what is a quantum computer?

A classical computer works with information models represented by bits. These bits have the value of 0 (zero) and 1. Quantum computing, unlike traditional computing, processes information using qubits, which can represent both 1 and 0, but also the combination of these values (0 and 0 ### 1 and 1 ### 0 and 1).

This is called superposition. This superposition does not mean that the quantum computer is faster, but it does have a greater range of information processing.

Now, to the question, can they change the world?..... hehehehe I don't think so!


I have some idea, but there are computer experts on the forum who could give you a better answer.

I suggest you ask User-11050107535502397662

I suggest you ask User-11050107535502397662


A quantum computer in the simplest form is a computer with immense processing power.

And it could change the world because it could solve calculations that today's computers take years to do

An example of such calculations would be to monitor all the orbits of possible asteroids that could collide with the earth and predict when one will collide

And existing models such as climate models could be improved, because with increased processing they could include variables/data and thus have a more accurate prediction


Theoretically, it is a computer that uses qubits to perform operations instead of the traditional bits of classical computers, which allows it to solve problems much faster, which would take an ordinary computer too long or even be unable to solve.

The quantum computer that Google and NASA have is the famous D-WAVE 2. This computer allows them to do research and development work much faster, especially in the artificial intelligence work they have been developing, especially Google.

Tedder Meeske

Because they can process a lot of data at the same time. They are computers the size of a stadium. In Latin America I think there are only three in Brazil and one in Mexico.

These types of computers with the right software can do wonders

They can do wonders.

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