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What is the most powerful computer in 2021?


without a doubt this computer is the most powerful computer available today

it is capable of playing modern games, in fact cod cold war is running it with full graphics at 150 fps XD

Linskey Schoenig

Set yourself up with one with two 18-core processors each and you're good to go. the real problem is that it's a bias of the mind to want the latest of the latest but what are you going to use it for, I'm saying.


Sik we are talking about commercial personal computers. The most powerful computer in the world today is the one with the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X processor, for general computing, or the RTX 3900 GPU for graphics computation... I say that because there is no way to define a most powerful computer FOR EVERYTHING, it would be divided by most powerful according to tasks.

Now if the goal is multiprocessing, definitely the most powerful is the AMD EPYC™ 7003.

But if we are really talking about the most powerful computer system in the world, the most powerful is the Japanese Fugaku

And we need to talk about mobiles...

As you can see that question is impossible to answer

Elgar Langston

The human mind. ( no discussion allowed)

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