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Which is better: shutdown, suspend or hibernate a computer?


Now that I've been using Linux for decades, it doesn't matter if you shut it down or suppress it. In Linux Mint I haven't seen the 'hibernate&apos ### option, those I think only come in Windows. As my laptop has ssd's , it takes 40 seconds to boot the OS/Distro. I have noticed that if you leave the laptop in 'suspend&apos ### , it still consumes battery. But my Desktop is left on suspend all day. When pc's are left on sunpend when on Linux, there is no danger of them getting infected with viruses, malware, ect, ect. I also use a Wireless router with VPN for extra protection.

Galliett Fennessy

I have an old desktop computer that is loaded with Windows XP and still running. And it's switched off. Same with a modern laptop, also without power. I know they drain while they're on and ready to work but I prefer them that way. I always turn the power off when I'm not using them.

Brier Henner

It depends on what you need. If you won't use it for a long time, hibernate it ### if you use it at regular intervals, suspend it ### and if you use it occasionally, turn it off. Greetings


That depends on what requirement you have installed.

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