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What is REST and RESTful?

I always hear about REST and RESTful , but I can not tell which one is different or what it's for. It looked like something with Common.js style application architecture pattern.     
asked by 04.01.2015 / 05:01

SOAP is safer than REST?

When implementing online billing software, I asked the responsible company if the REST version of the API existed. The answer was that they did not use REST because of security, that SOAP would be safer because it is software that handles fin...
asked by 20.01.2017 / 16:33

Market APIPayment - REST API subscription / collection (404)

I'm having trouble trying to retrieve the subscription via Ajax. This subscription id is what appears in the URL of my MercadoPago dashboard in Tools > Subscriptions > Subscribers > Subscription. The URL is
asked by 29.09.2017 / 19:03

What is Web Services Description Language (WSDL)?

Related to: Differences in Web Service Types: SOAP, REST, XML What is WSDL? What is your relationship with REST and SOAP? Where can I find the WSDL documentation?
asked by 15.08.2014 / 14:43

Client library for REST web services in Java

I'm in a project where you need to access a REST web service and would like to know which Java library is most commonly used to access this type of resource in an easy way. I know that it's even possible to do everything in the hand using the...
asked by 24.01.2014 / 14:57

Is there a REST specification for uploading files?

I have a question almost a month on the subject. At certain point in my application, the user can upload to a library of files. This upload needs to be logged in a table named midias , where, in addition to the file path, I also need ex...
asked by 22.10.2018 / 16:15

REST and HTTP are the same thing?

I'd like to know the difference between REST and HTTP. For a while, I've been studying these two subjects and they seem to me to be the same thing.     
asked by 01.11.2015 / 20:20

What is the difference between GraphQL and REST?

The staff has commented a lot on the use of GraphQL and with that, some comments that will replace this rise we have API's REST. What's the difference between the two (GraphQL and REST)? And in what scenario is it interesting to opt for Gr...
asked by 03.08.2017 / 18:49

What would be the route model for an API Rest in more complex operations?

I researched a little about the REST API model, but among many questions I had, I had one that is essentially important. The staff always gave examples of model routes similar to this:[/{id}] GET -> ob...
asked by 03.09.2017 / 02:16

Connection with the Bank falls after a certain time

I have a server where I have several web applications connected to the database ( Mysql ). The problem is that if some system is idle it loses the connection with the bank and I have to give a refresh in the application so that everything...
asked by 18.12.2015 / 14:30