Market APIPayment - REST API subscription / collection (404)


I'm having trouble trying to retrieve the subscription via Ajax.

This subscription id is what appears in the URL of my MercadoPago dashboard in Tools > Subscriptions > Subscribers > Subscription.

The URL is

asked by anonymous 29.09.2017 / 19:03

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Checking the API Docs of the paid market we see the following:


Errors   404 NOT_FOUND   3003   Subscription not found

Unfortunately there is not much to do, I have tested my API account and I have been able to perform normally, for your question now the answer is, there is nothing with this comrade: 1bac486f411c4eaca8fd378720eba7da p>

Review again, post print of the page that I modified my answer

30.10.2018 / 04:45