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My computer sounds like an airplane turbine when I turn it on, and then it shuts down within a few minutes. What could be the cause? What should I tell the technician so that he can help me and charge me for the punctual damage?

Collin Simich

The cooling system is not working properly. It may be blocked by something that is either dirt or, depending on the computer and other factors, a cable stuck in a fan.

As the cooling system is not working properly, the processor heats up and the computer shuts down to avoid damage.

First, define the reason for the cooling failure and act accordingly. The solution can range from fixing whatever is obstructing the fan's operation to cleaning the inside of the computer.


This may be the fan inside the computer to cool the system. When the system shuts down, it heats up and as a protection, it shuts down. Tell the technician what you told me, but in any case, he will have to check everything to see if what happened to you did not affect the computer.

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