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Can toothbrushes be used to clean my computer?

Marguerita Lubow

I don't really know how they can be used for that.

But what I do know is that normal paint brushes are used to dust both the outside and inside of the computer (be careful that it is not turned on).

Dust can be cleaned from keyboards and motherboards.

They can also be used to clean the computer from the outside and inside (be careful that it is not turned on).

They can be used to clean dust from keyboards and motherboards.

They can also be used to clean the inside of the computer.


You can, but I am more in favour of using a small brush

if necessary.

Donielle Merithew

I have even used a hoover, in the absence of an air blower, but if you use a brush, make sure it has soft bristles, because it can drag some delicate solder, and isopropyl alcohol. In the absence of a small brush, cut half the bristles off the handle part, and twist the brush head 90 degrees with a lighter, if the plastic can be melted, once cooled, you will have an L-shaped brush at the tip, perhaps more manageable than the brush was designed to be, easier to clean between components.

Pavior Stepleton

Of course . In my case, I use them along with isopropyl alcohol to clean the board and any other integrated cards right after blowing out the CPU tower to remove dust and dirt.

Endor Buckelew

Yes, on the hard parts. Better not on the circuitry.

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