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Does changing computer RAM increase speed or is it just a myth?

Vincelette Exantus

Yes, definitely. There is even memory of the same DDR type with different speeds, being the same module in shape and capacity.

What changes the speed of the RAM is moving to motherboards that support DDR4 memory.


Changing doesn't help, as you would have to change it for the same one because if you put a different one it won't even recognise it or it won't turn on the computer. Ex. put DDR4 in a computer made for DDR3, besides impossible because they have different shape to avoid confusion, the BIOS could not recognize it.

Increase the existing RAM can improve the team as long as your problem is shortage of RAM, another thing is that if you have a 2GB RAM card that occupies the only available space and change it for one of the same type but 4GB, that would help because it really is Increase the RAM


It's real. Being the storage space where instructions are processed and requests from all active applications to the operating system are handled, the more memory you have the faster the response to all these instructions and requests will be (at the same time you can have more applications open).

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