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How to use "wildcard" in "CLASS" selectors with jQuery.expr?

Class selectors such as .exemplo or selectors separated by [atributo~=valor] te% behave totally differently than selectors like: [atributo=valor] [atributo*=valor] [atributo^=valor] The .exemplo an...
asked by 17.07.2015 / 00:56

Invert the order of a list of jQuery elements

How to invert the order in which jQuery iterates an array of elements? In this case what I would like is to invert the contents of items within the array. For example: <ul> <li>Item 1</li> <li>Item 2</li&...
asked by 11.12.2013 / 20:53

I need to block ctrl + v in a text box

I want to create an input type="text" that does not allow anything to be pasted into it. You do not need to have any alert or anything, just do not allow the paste.     
asked by 27.02.2014 / 01:58

Record audio and stream live

I need to record audio and stream live, I discovered that with HTML5 and JavaScript / jQuery it is possible and that it has plugins that can help me. I'm using one of them, the MediaStreamRecorder and I'm recording and streaming live to myself...
asked by 01.06.2014 / 06:16

How to count number of checkboxes selected

I'm trying to make a code that checks how many checkboxes are checked when clicking a button, as I'm making a system that duplicates records. I have a list with several checkboxes, and when the person clicks the "duplicate" button jQuery will ch...
asked by 11.07.2014 / 02:10

How to improve this jQuery code?

I'm learning jQuery and I do not always know exactly how to develop the code more cleanly, semantically, I'll end up learning. How could I improve this code? $("#click_apoio").on('click', function( evento ){ evento.preventDefault();...
asked by 05.08.2015 / 15:29

Know number of checkboxes selected

How many checkboxes are being selected and make a count. He selected 1, scored 1, selected another +1 mark, took 1 mark -1. I would like to do a count.     
asked by 30.06.2014 / 19:55

How to assign a parameterized function to the click without executing it?

Explanation: I have an application that defaults to a mostraGrupos() event and when it is executed, it finally drops off the element and tries to assign the escondeGrupos() function to the same element. Code: function mostr...
asked by 28.07.2014 / 13:05

What is the difference between .on (), .click (), .blur (), bind ()?

And if there is any more, what would it be? And the difference of this "some more" to the others above.
asked by 24.10.2017 / 12:37

JavaScript function does not wait for the end of another to start

Problem My role is not waiting for the other to be finalized so it can continue, for example: Example: function buscando_dados(){ $.post('ajax.php',{},function(dados){ alert(dados); }); } function buscar_dados(){ buscando...
asked by 16.04.2014 / 17:17