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What are the main differences between jQuery and AngularJS?

I'm realizing AngularJS membership and abandonment of jQuery by some developers, however I do not know the advantages of AngularJS because I've never worked with this framework . Since some blogs (eg jeremyzerr , paulhammant ) encourage th...
asked by 16.06.2014 / 00:00

What is the difference between .on ("click", function () {}) and .click (function () {})?

I usually use, because I learned that it was the most correct , the assignment of events as follows: $('seletor').on('click', function(){}); However, I see many developers using the following syntax: $('seletor').click(function (){});...
asked by 11.02.2014 / 13:32

How to create a site without reloading every click on a link?

I want to develop a site that runs around the same file, but I'm not sure how to look for study material for that. So: Normal site-> I'm on the Index.php page. When I click on the "Portfolio" menu, for example, it goes and loads the file P...
asked by 20.02.2014 / 05:48

How to pass parameters in function calls by reference in JavaScript?

Recently I asked the question Why should we use anonymous functions with jQuery instead of the function directly? and along with the accepted answer came a second question: How to pass arguments to a JS function that we are invoking by refer...
asked by 03.02.2014 / 18:03

Mask for CPF and CNPJ in the same field

Hello, I looked for this doubt in the questions, but I could not find it. Well, I would like to make a field have the masks of cpf and cnpj depending on the amount of characters typed. This is not quite true, because with several tests I did her...
asked by 27.10.2015 / 19:40

What is the difference between $ (this) and $ this and this?

I've always used $(this) regardless of the situation and always worked. Rarely have I had to use one of the others and in those times I did for someone's guidance and not for knowing exactly what I had to do. So what's the difference...
asked by 22.10.2014 / 17:57

How can I not allow a character to be typed in the textbox, with javascript / jquery?

I have a Textbox: <input type="text" name="indice" class="number"> I wanted it when someone typed a comma in this Textbox to block it from appearing in Textbox. How to do this in the best way? I would not want it if the person k...
asked by 15.01.2014 / 18:24

What's the difference between $ (document) .ready () and window.onload?

Is there a difference between $(document).ready() e window.onload plus one being JavaScript and the other being jQuery? I see that both events are triggered as soon as DOM Document Objects) is loaded. In practice as written:...
asked by 08.02.2017 / 13:17

How do I get the value of the current percentage of an upload?

I'm working with PHP , but I imagine this can only be done with javascript/jQuery . When I upload the browser shows the percentage in the status bar. I'd like to take this value and create a custom progress bar from it. The bar I...
asked by 19.12.2013 / 16:42

Include another HTML file in an HTML file

Scenario: I'm setting up a layout, which will be used by third parties and I do not know what language will be used. I have two divs, one will be the left menu and the other the content. They are separated by a Splitter , my questions are:...
asked by 11.04.2014 / 21:33