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Mark / Uncheck Checkbox from a button

I would like to use a button to be able to Mark / Uncheck checkbox. I have this button that calls a function, see: <button class='btn btn-large' type='button' title='Todos' id='todos' onclick='marcardesmarcar();' ><i class='icon-large...
asked by 30.05.2014 / 21:19

Input type="password" with the eye to show password

I need to put a <input type="password"> with that password reveal eye, however it has to work as follows: User clicks on eye and loosens the characters again. Here is a sample photo:     
asked by 04.12.2015 / 16:56

Phone Mask using jQuery Mask Plugin

I need to change the position of the "-" in the mask. <label for="telefone" >Telefone</label> <input style="width:25%; margin-right:25% " type="tel" name="telefone" id="telefone" pattern="\([0-9]{2}\)[\s][0-9]{4}-[0-9]{4,5}" /&g...
asked by 28.11.2014 / 13:18

Understanding the JSON file

I have code similar to this in JSFiddle . On my WAMP server at home I tried to work with JSON (JSFiddle does not contain the JSON file to test). In a question I asked about how to insert data into a database with jQuery answered me that...
asked by 30.01.2014 / 19:14

What is the function of the function in jQuery and what is the correct way or time to use it?

Whenever I go to work with jQuery I simply create: $(function() { }); Because it was the first form I learned, at first I thought it was an "int main ()" pattern in C, but then I came across other shapes like: $( document ).ready(functio...
asked by 16.10.2017 / 20:45

What is the best way to select an option by text and not by value in jQuery?

I have a select and would like to select a value according to the text of another field that the user clicked on. For example. When I click on a "p" tag with the text "April" I want to select the "April" text option in my select: <select...
asked by 24.02.2014 / 15:34

how to represent a monetary field with semicolons in javascript jquery

I have a huge doubt. I need to get the values that are in the database with decimal places of 3 (for example: 56826.497) and display 56,826,497 on the screen. I already tried using maskMoney and priceformat , but they did not work. mas...
asked by 08.12.2014 / 12:06

Validation configuration in dynamic fields

I have a problem that is as follows, I have the fields: Name, Age and Text; In a part of the system I register that the Text field will only appear if the Name field is equal to PH and the Age field has the value 20 with both tr...
asked by 21.05.2015 / 20:36

Error net :: ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT when requesting Ajax

I came across a strange error when I tried to run an ajax request, and I was not very successful in finding solutions. Here is the error: Line199offorms.jsis$.ajax({in:$.ajax({type:"POST", url: _url, cache: false, data: {...
asked by 10.03.2014 / 21:06

Function as parameter in functions in jQuery

I always used some functions without really understanding what was happening and where these parameters came from. I say the following: Example 1: $("#link").on("click", function(event){ event.preventDefault(); }); Example 2: $.get...
asked by 22.01.2015 / 12:27