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Methods to test websites in different browsers?

I would like to know methods for testing websites in different browsers, without the creation of virtual machines.     
asked by 11.02.2014 / 20:46

Is it good practice to mix Php and Html?

I see that in python, there is the bottle for example that does the same thing as what I intend to do then ... I'm new to web practice, student indeed and would like to know if I can use php and html in the same place, wanted to know if this...
asked by 06.05.2015 / 01:00

What are metadata in relation to HTML documents?

I'm reading a book about HTML. On page 19 the Categories is cited.    Each element in HTML may or may not be part of a group of elements   with similar characteristics. And then the categories of these groups are listed: Metada...
asked by 31.03.2017 / 18:51

Why does HTML accept color with random names / strings in the body tag?

Some time ago I read somewhere about this, but I never understood how it works: Look at the example with the word 'chucknorris': jsfiddle Not only with the word 'chucknorris' but any random word always produces different results: 'Earen...
asked by 04.09.2014 / 13:20

What are MIME types?

What are MIME types? And how important is it for rendering pages / files correctly? Is your use mandatory or depends on your browser? If not declared, can browsers behave differently at treatment time? Example: <script type='tex...
asked by 13.11.2015 / 13:25

How to swap the img src of a small image for a large image?

Information: I'm trying to make a simple photo gallery. I want to show the image clicked in large size in the center of the screen. (Clicar em 0.jpg e mostrar em uma outra div 0Large.jpg) Problem: With the code I have I can do t...
asked by 14.02.2014 / 01:09

Hide element if it is empty

I have a div that is used to display alerts to the user: <div id="page-alerts" style="margin:25px 0;"></div> Problem Example in JSFiddle For formatting issues, it contains margins at the top and bottom, causing...
asked by 16.01.2014 / 20:28

"margin-top" and "margin-bottom" overlapping, why?

I have three elements div : HTML <div class="wrapper"> <div class="box"></div> <div class="box"></div> <div class="box"></div> </div> CSS .box { background-color...
asked by 07.01.2014 / 17:33

Does the order of CSS styles influence the render tree?

During the paint of the document by the browser the order of the properties of the CSS classes can interfere in how we perceive the "assembly" of the page? Especially on slower connections, we literally see the styles being applied to the e...
asked by 03.09.2018 / 16:34

What are HTML entities?

I often see some crazy codes in the middle of tags HTML, and searching falls into this term entities , then the doubts have arisen: What are Entities HTML and when should I use them?     
asked by 17.01.2017 / 19:55