Methods to test websites in different browsers?


I would like to know methods for testing websites in different browsers, without the creation of virtual machines.

asked by anonymous 11.02.2014 / 20:46

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I found the site BrowserStack which is a cross-browser testing tool . It has different platforms, browsers and browser versions, it helped me a lot.

The service is paid for and the trial version is limited to 30 minutes Live, 100 minutes Automate, and 100 screenshots more < in> Responsive .

11.02.2014 / 20:49

On one machine you can already use multiple browsers, another solution is I use VM to test, as far as I've tried it is the easiest method.

11.02.2014 / 23:55

Firstly, I would not test all browsers, nor would I worry about testing as many browsers as possible, but on the most important browsers for the target audience. To get an idea of how much browsers are used, I use StatCounter , which shows graphs as below:


IfyouneedtotestonolderversionsofIEorFireFox,youcoulduse Utilu IE Collection and Utilu FireFox Collection .

To test other operating systems, then I would create virtual machines using the Virtual Box , and make them run as lightly as possible ... with only a browser.

In addition, it's worth checking out , which contains information on testing multiple browsers .

12.03.2014 / 18:08

To test on mobile devices the best solution I know is the Adobe EDGE service


12.02.2014 / 00:50

For this type of test I use Sahi . You have a free version of it here . In the tests are scripts that you can create by "writing macros" (as in MS-Office) or by writing the scripts in hand, in a very simple syntax. Then just run the tests in any browser. It works fine.

You can also try Selenium, which is another similar tool.

26.02.2014 / 16:54

I made a list here with several that I use and recommend:

To debug on different devices and test responsive sites:

And there are these VMs for VM Ware, for those who need to test on several versions of IE:

If you use grunt you can use Browser Sync, if you access the site through your IP on different devices, it synchronizes the navigation, refreshes the CSS without giving refresh and synchronizes form, typing and scrolling actions. Cool! * Browser Sync

Here is another very useful link:

23.04.2014 / 16:07