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Are libraries downloaded multiple times?

I have an application that uses 3 libraries (Bootstrap, jQuery, jQueryUI) on 10 different pages. Do browsers cache libraries?     
asked by 06.01.2015 / 17:57

What are the requirements of maintaining a 'name' attribute in an 'HTML' tag?

What do you need to keep a name attribute in a HTML tag? its characteristics are the same as the id attribute that still has other utilities such as the key of the $_POST and $_GET
asked by 09.11.2015 / 16:02

get original HTML entities with javascript

I need all the original HTML entities of a paragraph, especially the accents, the methods I know recover only some entities, as in the example below where ">" is correctly coded but "ç" is not. It is important that the code can differentia...
asked by 20.08.2015 / 21:46

Sending mail via PHPmailer to Gmail [closed]

I can not send an email to my Gmail account via PHP. I had a previous project where I tried to use phpmailer and I can not get it working properly (2 months trying). I have now finished a site and just need to put it up, and phpmailer...
asked by 29.09.2015 / 17:50

What are Web Components?

What are web components and how to use this technology? I would like to understand a little more about this technology and see an example with its use.     
asked by 20.10.2016 / 17:02

How to make a marquee without the tag marquee?

I need to use a marquee , but as everyone is saying marquee is a prehistoric thing and should not be used anymore, I am in doubt as to what to use in his place. On the MDN website it says this:    This feature is deprecated. While it may s...
asked by 04.04.2014 / 23:19

What is the difference between the img, picture and figure elements?

In HTML we have the elements <img> ( image ), <picture> and <figure> , which I believe is a" figure "or" image ". The img is well known, the others have been introduced recently. I notice that i...
asked by 17.10.2015 / 21:36

Use Object or Iframe to import other sites to my site

I needed to import several random pages from other sites to my site. Wikipedia, for example. I saw that I can use either Iframe (this worked) or Object (does not show the content). Next, I would like to add other specific formatting to those...
asked by 23.09.2015 / 03:49

How to dim the blue light on a website?

I'm developing a website, and I would like to dim the blue light (as night mode), however, I have not found a way to do that. Is there a way for CSS, JS, or some other language?     
asked by 11.10.2017 / 09:09

How to remove a "href" from a tag with JQuery / JavaScript?

I have a <a> tag with hyperlink properly set. However, I would like to remove it when firing from an event. The same tag has an ID set properly, also (unique, valid, and related). I would like to know if there is a function to re...
asked by 05.02.2014 / 19:57