What is the difference between the Media Query Pointer and Any-Pointer?


I was seeing a way to determine if user access is done by a Desktop, usually by having a mouse as the interaction device. Or if the user is accessing a mobile device, usually without the mouse to interact with the screen.

Then I saw that it is possible to treat this with the rules @media (pointer: X) or @media (any-pointer: X) where in pointer: X you define whether or not there is a mouse .

X can be:

  • none : No pointing device is available.
  • coarse : At least one input mechanism includes a precision precision pointing device.
  • fine : At least one input mechanism includes an accurate pointing device.

The problem is that for both% and% with% values are equal and represent the same thing, so what is the difference between one and the other?

asked by anonymous 17.12.2018 / 12:26

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