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My computer was infected with a virus that encrypted all my files and now they all have a .nakw ending in the name. How can I get my files back?


Send him messages in gmail the mail you saw in the _readme.txt file, try to complain to him about the files (especially if you are under 18 to work and pay them to unlock their files) to see if after many conversations of complaining he will finally give you the key or resist or do something else...

Pontus Stang

Debes tener cuidado con las páginas que dicen tener soluciones y en realidad solo son de spam.

Por otro lado, al parecer ya existe un desencriptador genuino que puede desencriptar las versiones offline de archivos encriptados por STOP/DjaVu.

Checa en esta página: .Nakw file extension. How to remove virus. Restore, Decrypt .nakw files.

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