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If coding in C++ is so difficult, why do we have so many PlayStation and Nintendo video games and so many computer programs that are coded in C++ if it is so hard for our brains to learn?

Rae Cosner

The goal of a language is not to please you, but to please the machine ;)

The aim of a language is not to please you, but to please the machine ;)


In my opinion, all programming languages are more or less equally difficult to learn and handle,


¿Quien te vendió la idea de que es dificil codificar en C++? Te dire que es lo mismo que manejar un auto estandar y uno automático, si es muy dificil aprender a manejar estandar ¿Porque la mayoría de los automotores utilizan el sistema estandar? AH!! VERDAD?.
C++ no es complicado, realmente a mi me agrada mucho, deberías probarlo, creeme que no es complicado.


Because C++ allows you to have a high level of hardware tractability, and you can achieve much better performance than languages like Java. Another main reason is that the most widely used game engines are based on C++.

Dugan Lipham

For the same reason you are sharing this question from a mobile phone that takes hundreds or thousands of calculations, from the processor to the size, calculations that are not simple but someone must do them.

Now seriously, you can learn c++ in youtube tutorials, the problem comes when you must do complex things like a videogame, you must know MATH more than anything else, otherwise, it is worthless to do it in such a powerful language.

In short, anyone can learn c++, the complex will be to apply it depending on your needs.


Mainly for a speed issue, you could develop a game in a higher level language and therefore much simpler, but if you need to do some kind of complex calculation and quickly C++ is the way to go, some games could be written in several languages depending on the complexity of the application, this could be built in different modules, each with a different language or technology. If you require more speed you would have to go to assembly language, but it has the problem of portability, since assembly language is associated with a specific type of processor.


Learning C++ is not easy, but if you have the basics and want to do it, it is possible.

To get to the point where you have the knowledge and experience to be able to code something like a game or a commonly used application, it is difficult. If it were, games and apps would be bad business.

I took several C++ classes and passed with honours, but I'm not able to do anything more than relatively trivial things. I can look at someone else's program and know what it does, because I understand the language.

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