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What does it mean for a computer to be 32, 64, etc. bit?

Aeriel Lablanc

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A 32-bit computer can actually access a maximum of 4GB of RAM, no more.

With 64-bit computers, you have a much higher RAM limit. At the moment there are no memory modules that can reach that limit, and no motherboards that can accommodate them, so it's safe to say it's going to take a few years to reach that limit.

Malvina Salls

It is the architecture of the motherboard and operating systems for handling data when processing, a PC with 64-bit motherboard can process at 32-bit, in fact there are applications that do not work at 64-bit and are installed on your PC at 32-bit, it is assumed that 64-bit is more efficient, I do not put you more detail as other answers will give it to you. Greetings

Ceevah Mithun

This is the size of the general-purpose records.

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