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Why do some people cover their laptop camera with tape? Is it just paranoia?

Hengel Tarrien

I didn't think a camera would be easy to hack, but after seeing this image, I'd rather protect myself:

This is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. As you can see in the picture, his MacBook has a ribbon on the camera.

I think you'd better be careful!


In the world of computers and networks, there are a wide variety of programmes that allow cyber-espionage to be carried out in not very complicated ways. Anyone who has access to a spyware application could access a computer camera without much trouble.

And the biggest problem is that in the sense of security, usually your camera will be operational even in your operating system, so it is highly recommended to cover the cameras with a sticker, tape, or something like that to have the highest security, because even if someone accesses your camera, they can not see anything.

Zoes Villarruel

If Mark Zuckemberg and the FBI Director do it, I don't see why we can't do it too. By the way, Zuck doesn't have a personal profile on Facebook.

Hassett Geroge

Yes it is easy to access. But it's not as transparent as it seems, at the very least the camera's power led and the sound of the lens (I know they are imperceptible in an office environment) will be noticed. The point is that someone is interested in seeing you specifically and has the knowledge or will pay for it. That is the part that is difficult as it would be a direct attack on you. But just in case you're not sure, do it.

Nata San

They make the mistake of using a sticker that is not aesthetically pleasing, you can use a face or some cool character or symbol. the phone's camera and microphones are not even worth mentioning.

Coltin Jardel

If your computer has Windows, yes.

And no, I'm not telling you to install Linux on your computer. What happens is that part of the success of Windows is its openness and lax restrictions on what programs can do.

A Windows application can easily control even the speed of your computer's fans, turn on your camera without you noticing, or make copies of your files and upload them to the cloud.

It's not like the hackers of the world spend all day watching what you do in front of your desk, it's not like there's someone watching you all the time, the problem is that if someone comes along, they won't have trouble getting in.

It's not like there's someone watching you all the time, the problem is that if someone comes along, they won't have trouble getting in.


La respuesta a tu primera pregunta es SI, como puedes ver en la imagen

Una respuesta a tu segunda pregunta: puedes cubrir la cámara con una pegatina, o puedes desactivarla desde tu panel de control, o mediante un script.

Espero haber resuelto tus dudas. Gracias por el A2A, Álvaro Bermejo


Nunca he tratado de acceder a la cámara de alguien ni he intentado averiguar si es o no difícil hacerlo. En mi defensa (?) puedo decir que ha sido por falta de tiempo.

Sin embargo, si el ex-director del FBI dice que es mejor tenerla cerrada, y que es tan sencillo como ponerle cinta adhesiva:

… y por lo tanto, no veo razón para no seguir su consejo.

Necessary clarification: some adhesive tapes, when removed, leave behind residue that is difficult to remove and could dirty or fog your lens.

Warning: several users have broken their laptop screens by attaching plastic lens covers and closing them without removing them.

Fortunately, I enjoy reading printed books and I usually have these:

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