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Create mask in FrameLayout

Talk to people, I have an image, and I would like to create a mask, but I'm having trouble. 1 - I have this image 2-Iwouldliketonottouchtheoriginalsizeoftheimage,andonlypresentonepieceofit,likethis: How should I proceed? Do I ha...
asked by 19.07.2016 / 21:24

Mask Jquery does not work

I'm trying to use jquery's mask, I'm going to use it < input > added by javascript by the action of selecting a < option
asked by 30.07.2016 / 01:50

Field formatting DateEdit devExpress Windows forms

I'm having a date formatting problem next to the date component dateEdit of devExpress . I need the field date formatted as follows: 01/01/2016. And when typing the values, go to the next character without typing the "/" to move to...
asked by 09.06.2016 / 20:42

Make a condition to apply mascara to an EditText

I can not make a condition to apply mascara to an editText does anyone help me please? final EditText tel = (EditText) findViewById(; // Armazene seus TextWatcher para posterior uso //telMask = Mask.insert("(##)#...
asked by 15.03.2016 / 16:27