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What are the risks of placing an ASP.NET application in a Load Balancing environment?

Regarding the code ... is there any risk that might affect my application from the moment it works in a Load Balancing scenario?     
asked by 12.06.2015 / 22:04

Postgres load balancing Windows servers

I'm wondering a bit more about load balancing in Postgres and a bit of failover. I have seen in several sites including in Postgres that there is a program called pgpool i and ii, this program does the balancing and also treats the failover. But...
asked by 08.07.2016 / 03:45

Load Balancer. Error Leaves OutOfService Instances

Good evening. Does anyone have an idea what it can be? I have an LB with these errors: (both instances) Instance OutOfService (in both zones) Availability Zone Healthy? No (Availability Zone contains no healthy targets)...
asked by 13.07.2017 / 02:50