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Is it ok to use the i tag for icons and not for italics?

Now we've noticed that a lot of people are using the <i> tag for icons, not for italics. If we were still in the pre-HTML5 era this would be totally wrong. According to the specification of the <i> tag in HTML5, it i...
asked on 29.01.2014 / 17:44

"OMG! A heisenbug! "- Explaining to a layman what a heisenbug is!

A heisenbug is a bug that changes your behavior when you study [1] . It has its name derived from the principle that Heisenberg detected that the simple "passive observation" of quantum processes changes the final result. Typical heisenbug...
asked on 22.03.2018 / 03:25

Is Eval good or bad guy?

They speak very poorly of eval , but sometimes I wonder if it really is the problem or it is the person who is sitting in front of the computer (I support the programmer). My entire life (in programming) I've heard criticisms, jokes, zo...
asked on 16.05.2016 / 22:38

Do I really need to put "text / javascript" in the script tag?

We are in 2016. I have read in some places on the internet that it is no longer necessary to use this type="text/javascript" statement. In fact, using the script tag without declaring this snippet does not affect Javascript's worki...
asked on 29.11.2016 / 11:42

Why NaN ^ NaN == 0?

Look at these tests I made on the browser console: NaN / NaN NaN NaN * NaN NaN typeof NaN "number" NaN ** NaN NaN NaN ^ NaN 0 Why exactly does this happen?     
asked on 08.06.2017 / 13:13

How to make a progress bar that goes from 0 to 100% with CSS only?

I need to make a progress bar that starts from 0 and goes to 100%. But I need to do only with CSS, and besides that, I need it when it reaches 100%, start again from 0. Although there is some information about this progress bar, I need it to...
asked on 14.12.2017 / 13:23

What is the correct way to do a regular replacement in JavaScript for all occurrences found?

What is the correct way to do a regular replacement in JavaScript for all occurrences found? The way I currently do: var i = 0; while ((i = str.indexOf("_", i)) != -1) { str = str.replace("_", " "); } Or until: str = str.split("_")...
asked on 12.12.2013 / 12:20

How do I get the name and attributes of tables from a MySQL database?

How to get the names of all tables in the MySQL database? How to get the attributes (name, type, etc ...) of a given table in the MySQL database?     
asked on 11.12.2013 / 18:08

What problem do microservices solve?

Okay, I've read What is a microservice architecture? and articles on the subject, I know what is and how it works. But I still do not know what problem it tries to solve. What are the advantages of using it from the point of view of softwar...
asked on 03.04.2017 / 13:45

What are the differences between MyISAM and InnoDB?

What are the main differences between engines MyISAM and InnoDB and what is the most appropriate situation for each? I know that MyISAM does not support FOREIGN KEY but supports FULLTEXT , while InnoDB...
asked on 24.11.2014 / 20:15