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What is lexical analysis?

I was taking a look at the source code of a known php library, called Twig (it's a template engine, with its own syntax), and I came across classes, interfaces and methods like Lexical , Lex and LexInterface . I gave...
asked on 16.02.2016 / 18:36

What are the HTTP request methods, and what is the difference between them?

What are the HTTP request methods, among which are GET , POST and DELETE ? Why should each of them be used, and what is the difference between them?     
asked on 15.03.2014 / 16:32

Why use while (0)?

In the Linux code I saw some macros with: do { }while(0) Is there a reason? Because apparently there is no logic to a loop of repetition where the code repeats only once.     
asked on 13.08.2015 / 21:13

How to get similar behavior between the Garbage Collection of a Single-Page Application and a Multiple-Page Application?

I've been doing a lot of research on the web and stackoverflow communities, and I'm getting to the point of believing that SPAs take almost no advantage from the GC algorithm of today's browsers. Our development team has been concerned with d...
asked on 28.04.2017 / 17:41

What is the best way to represent an Address?

By modeling addresses in an application, I naively followed the standard form when representing in the DB (ie separate tables for country , status strong city , neighborhood etc - joins everywhere), and in the user interface (html) I p...
asked on 19.12.2013 / 01:04

What are covariance and contravariance?

I have seen something of the and I know this relates in some way to object orientation. What are they? How do they affect my code, and how can I use them to encode better?     
asked on 17.09.2014 / 19:26

What does the && operator mean between strings?

I found in a minted bootstrap file, the following: e=e&&e.replace(/.*(?=#[^\s]*$)/,"") The && operator appears to be applied between two strings. What does this mean?     
asked on 14.02.2014 / 16:46

How to pass parameters in function calls by reference in JavaScript?

Recently I asked the question Why should we use anonymous functions with jQuery instead of the function directly? and along with the accepted answer came a second question: How to pass arguments to a JS function that we are invoking by refer...
asked on 03.02.2014 / 18:03

Using unused affect performance?

While developing, I saw that in most of my classes contained a certain amount of using that were not being used and I came to doubt the title. Using unused affects the performance of the application in any way? Do you always need to re...
asked on 21.05.2014 / 16:53

To what extent is it not advisable to use an ORM?

I'm working on a very large system using .NET ( MVC) application requires a critical level of performance . To what extent is it worth using an ORM? Is there any tool that I can compare in terms of ORM's performance and pure SQL? I kn...
asked on 28.04.2014 / 21:38