Nodejs or flash solution for live video streaming!


Hello, I already posted several posts about the subject but I have not yet got a definitive solution, I need to do streaming of live video and that the player that will transmit rode in any browser (possibly html5) I've tried WebRTC and it works fine, but it only runs in chrome and firefox, none of the internet explorer ... Now I'm trying to use NodeJs and everything works fine on my local node (localhost / but when I send the data to the server nothing to connect on my ip, I use the Live Internet in SP and they release 2 ports to 51005

asked by anonymous 23.06.2014 / 21:27

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Like everything in life, it's a matter of choice.

If you really want to support IE, it's no use using Node, after all your problem is not in the backend but in the front.

In a very short answer, the only way to handle the situation is by using Flash + some media server. It could be Red5 or AMS.

My suggestion is to take a look here: link which is probably the best service you can have for a reasonable price.

04.09.2014 / 01:28

If you need to expose a service running on a machine on your local network on the internet, I suggest using something like link

"PageKite makes local websites or SSH servers publicly accessible in mere seconds, and works with any computer and any Internet connection. It's also 100% Open Source. "

Simple like this:

$ curl -s |sudo bash
$ 80 

Visit link from anywhere =)

24.12.2015 / 03:23