Identify installed extension in google chrome


How can I identify that Google Chrome for the user accessing my site has a certain extension installed. For example, if you have the extension of, etc. ..

I need to check this to display or not a banner for extension installation.

asked by anonymous 20.11.2014 / 21:05

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There is a native way of checking in the Chrome documentation, follow the link


30.06.2015 / 21:17

Every extension has an ID and, when installed, a manifest that resides on the user's computer.

Just go to the following address:

<!-- Substitua o "ID" acima pelo da sua aplicação. -->
<!-- Note que ID é um texto bem longo e aleatório, não um número. -->

You can do this with ajax, for example. If the 404 error is because the extension is not installed.

A very simple attempt to access the address via Ajax can be done like this:

    url: "chrome-extension://idnljhnpjegfbcohjhdnhjlnfnffmbnf/manifest.json"
    // A extensão acima é o módulo de proteção do Santander.

As you are the author of your extension, it is up to you to determine your ID. To test this with extensions you have not developed, I'll leave a tip: go into settings - > extensions and look for the extensions ID's in the source code of the page;) Then just use the form above to test with the extensions you already have on your machine.

20.11.2014 / 21:26