Why can not I see the icon code (❌) in developer mode?


Example of this icon: ❌

In developer mode (F12, Google Chorme), I can not see which code for this icon, only image appears. Why does it happen ? Do you have any secrets?

See the image below:

Insteadofdisplayingimage(❌),shouldnotshowthecode"& # 10060"?

asked by anonymous 14.06.2018 / 01:41

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In this case, the Unicode standard is used (note that is not an encoding ). In a simple way, this is a key-value mapping between characters and their Unicode codes (or code points ).

Just like in the screenshot you posted, all the characters in our alphabet are shown normally, so are the emoji. In Unicode, both the a and the

14.06.2018 / 02:30