What is the equivalent of equalsIgnoreCase () in Kotlin?


What is the equivalent of the String.equalsIgnoreCase() method of Java in Kotlin?

asked by anonymous 20.11.2017 / 05:01

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To perform this comparison in Kotlin, pass the "ignoreCase" parameter in the equals function. Here is an example:

val texto1 = "testando";
val texto2 = "TESTANDO";
var resultado = texto1.equals(texto2, ignoreCase = true);
20.11.2017 / 11:45

Methods that make sense to have this option, and not only equals() do so through a parameter indicating ignore case ignore case ). See equals() documentation . See also the Kotlin String documentation. Note that most methods have this parameter.

At this point I do not know if I liked Kotlin's decision since Boolean parameters are usually accepted more or less universally as bad engineering . If you do not have a very good reason for this choice, I think it was a mistake. If you have a good reason it should be very well documented, which I did not find. And I love language .

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    println("Texto Em Caixa".equals("texto em caixa", ignoreCase = true));
    println("Texto Em Caixa".equals("texto em caixa", ignoreCase = false));

See running on ideone . And no Coding Ground . Also I placed GitHub for future reference .

21.11.2017 / 12:22