How to create a function and call its methods without using new, similar to jQuery $?


The $ (dollar sign) of jQuery is a function , however you can access its methods as if it were an object through the "." . Could someone explain, in what way I could do this in a function func , for example?

In a more enlightening way, I intend to use func () as well as func.each () for example.

asked by anonymous 28.11.2017 / 12:53

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In JavaScript functions are special types of objects, and can have properties (including other functions) like any object:

function funcao(x) {
    console.log('função chamada');

funcao.propriedade = 10;
funcao.metodo = function() { console.log('método chamado') }

// Testes:

In jQuery, the thing is a bit more complex because all methods go in the prototype , the $ function is a constructor, and the library implements method-threading of the instances of this constructor. But in your case, perhaps the rice bean should be enough (please let me know if this is not enough).

28.11.2017 / 17:04

You can store a function in a variable and use it to perform internal functions through an object, this algorithm implements Javascript Module Pattern .

var $fn = function() {
  return {
    alertar: alertar

  function alertar(message){


You can also implement a function through prototype :

var $fn = function () {
    if (this instanceof $fn) 
        return this

    return new $fn;

$fn.prototype = {
    alertar: function (message) {

window.$ = $fn();
28.11.2017 / 13:23