Are there other low level languages other than Assembly?


Are there other low-level languages other than Assembly? LISP is not (I think) nor Fortran ..

Low-level language would be tongue closest to the binary, as well as the Assembly, language that works directly with the hardware records. High level would be close to English

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Machine Language

It is the language that the CPU understands, consisting of a binary sequence, whose rules are defined by each architecture.

It is recommended to generate through a compiler of another language of higher level, but you can open a hexadecimal editor, and you can type everything using 0123456789abcdef characters, which is not very practical.

Then you will need a way to load the code into memory, unless you also write the bytes of the executable and already save as .exe .

The maintainability is very low, and it is impossible to comment on the code.

Turing machines - Esoteric languages

Other alternatives would be basic implementations of Turing machines . There are several languages:

  • Brainfuck : this is to flake off any human skull ... it's a minimalist language, Turing-Complete and so it is capable of doing whatever any other language is capable of doing.

    Wikipedia example - "Hello World!" program:


    Online interpreter (google and type online brainfuck interpreter ):

  • Piet : The language is programmed through a Bitmap ... so there are many editors.

    Example - test if a number is prime:

    Run the example above

  • Other esoteric languages : the languages above are the ones I found most interesting but there are others. This link from WikiPedia has a listing, which includes those previously submitted.

Hardware description language (LDH or HDL in English)

hardware description language are used to model the operation of a hardware, assuming that this is done using logic gates, rather than instructions interpreted by a CPU.

These languages can be run and debug like any other, through a simulation of the logic gates, of the load flows in the semiconductors, which in the end change DDPs and these are finally interpreted as signals 1 and 0, on / off , etc.

There are in this group of languages, those of the lowest level and the highest level.

Example of wikipedia: VHDL

cmp : process
    if A = B then
       C ⇐ 0;
       C ⇐ 1;
    end if;
 end process cmp;
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