Turning Javascript code into HTML?


I made a banner in the bannersnack site to be used in the eBay Marketplace, the site of the option to download the banner in GIF, PNG, JPG and HTML5 and makes available the code in JavaScript as well.

The GIF does put it in eBay, however it loses its animation, PNG And JPG does not work, because the banner is two slides, since HTML5 I have no idea how it works.

eBay accepts only HTML, they do not accept JavaScript language in the ad description

Is there any way to convert this banner into JavaScript for HTML without losing the animation?

asked by anonymous 17.12.2015 / 19:46

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Forget it. MercardoLivre has a good reason not only to block GIF animation, but also JavaScript and more powerful HTML features to make things more elaborate. Any attempt would likely violate the terms of use.

Even though this was not the problem, it would still be very complicated to do what you want (depending on what it might even be possible). HTML is not a programming language . JavaScript exists because of this.

Do what you can to do in basic HTML. And check their documentation to see what else can be used. And learn what is allowed. It is possible to do some more sophisticated things but it is necessary to learn to use these technologies allowed. Ask more specific questions for each problem you encounter.

17.12.2015 / 19:52