Get the value of a select dynamic


I would like to know how I get the value of a <select> dynamic, ie when I modify the value it presents me with this value, I imagine something like below, could anyone help me?

varItens = document.getElementById('caminhos');

for( i = 0;i < varItens.length;i++)
  varItens.options[i].selected = true; 
   alert( varItens.options[i].id );

But it does not work, because I know this would be static.

asked by anonymous 08.12.2015 / 17:14

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See if this helps you:

$("#caminhos").on('change', function(e){
  return false;
<script src=""></script><selectid="caminhos">
  <option value="Elemento 1">Elemento 1</option>
  <option value="Elemento 2">Elemento 2</option>
  <option value="Elemento 3">Elemento 3</option>
  <option value="Elemento 4">Elemento 4</option>
  <option value="Elemento 5">Elemento 5</option>
08.12.2015 / 17:19

I saw that you already accepted a response with jQuery. Here's one with native JavaScript:

var items = document.getElementById('caminhos');
items.addEventListener('change', function(){
    alert(this.value); // o valor que procuras é: this.value

If the element was not present yet you need to delegate, this is easy:

var items = document.getElementById('minhaDiv'); // elemento presente desde inicio
items.addEventListener('change', function(e){
    if ( == 'caminhos') alert(; // o valor que procuras é:

In this case it is not worth using jQuery.

08.12.2015 / 18:06

I do this in the following way each time your select is selected or you select the value by a function that is called in the onchange or when changing this value is stored in a variable.

08.12.2015 / 17:35