Problem with the .blur () effect of JQuery in IE8


I have a method of constructing dynamic elements using jQuery v1.2 with Ajax, which creates a list of items containing the <ul> and <li> structure, however, when I apply .blur() and Ajax returns many values, a scroll bar is created. In IE8 when I click on the scroll bar the .blur() is triggered.

In other browsers it works without problems, however, in IE8 only I have this problem.

Here is a code I created in codePen: CodePen

I preferred CodePen because I could not use JsFiddle.

asked by anonymous 20.02.2014 / 23:51

1 answer

 window.onload = function blur(){
   var name = document.getElementById('idname');
   var name2 = document.getElementById('idname2');

 name.addEventistener('click', function(){ = "blur(XXpx)"

EXPLANATION: In var name voce, define the element you want by means of the ID. in var name2 you define another. when you click on name, name2 will be with style filter blur.

27.02.2014 / 01:47