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Write a default value inside a given cell in C #

I'm doing a console application that reads data from a worksheet and compares it with values entered in the database. There is a default value, if a field in this worksheet is not filled, I need to get the value of the bank and set it in the wor...
asked by 13.10.2017 / 15:40

Time Formatting

I'm doing an application that divided a String to write the same in the time format. But if I put 102330 instead of returning me 10:23:30 it brings me 1:02:33 being that if I put 112126 it formats correctly for 11:21:26. If anyone can help me, t...
asked by 05.07.2016 / 20:12

OutOfBounds error

Well, I asked you to help me with this mistake! This is part of the code of a game, the idea and print anything like this M M M 123456789012345678901          1 2 The positions of the M will vary with each move, Thank you! Exception in...
asked by 02.12.2016 / 11:48