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What is the real concept and utility of POCO classes?

I am studying and developing a new project and a little studying about Windows Phone 7.1, I saw that they suggest / indicate the use of POCO classes, for database mapping (It seems to me that Windows Phone 7.1 uses some compact version of EF (...
asked by 17.09.2014 / 20:33

Design Patterns - DTO, POCO, MODEL

What's the difference between DTO, POCO, MODEL? Because I'm developing an application with layered separation, DAL, BLL and UI.     
asked by 27.07.2015 / 21:41

Problems with ObjectStateManager when updating a Model

I'm having trouble updating a model, the code below is working correctly when I give GET in a context model edit on the screen (View) and give a submit all ok but when I have a data grid where I load several messages and for example I will check...
asked by 01.10.2015 / 07:26