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What defines a clean code?

I saw this term being used several times, many people and companies want their codes to be "clean" ... I also saw the book Clean Code Practical Skills of Agile Software . But I wanted to know what defines a code to be clean or not? What poin...
asked by 24.09.2014 / 14:09

What is Reverse Engineering?

I often say that I do not get along very well with terms. These days ago I had to do an operation on a particular PHP framework called Laravel , where I needed to find a resource that would allow me to use an existing database and cause it a...
asked by 12.02.2016 / 11:38

Is using validation via client sufficient?

Is using validations in JavaScript enough for efficient validation? Example : Validate dates. Is it also necessary to check the code? What are the disadvantages of doing validations via client-side ?
asked by 17.04.2014 / 18:59

"OMG! A heisenbug! "- Explaining to a layman what a heisenbug is!

A heisenbug is a bug that changes your behavior when you study [1] . It has its name derived from the principle that Heisenberg detected that the simple "passive observation" of quantum processes changes the final result. Typical heisenbug...
asked by 22.03.2018 / 03:25

What are the differences between Dependency Injection and Control Inversion?

Sometimes it seems like we are talking about the same thing (of course, it is not) when these concepts are being used. What is the real difference between them? When to use one or the other?     
asked by 13.06.2014 / 16:05

What is the advantage of using recursive functions?

Recently I discovered the famous (or not so famous) Recursive Functions and I found the concept very interesting. But during my reading I had some doubts about the use of such. 1st What is the advantage of using Recursive Function ? For I...
asked by 11.01.2016 / 04:10

Programming oriented towards interface and not for implementation, why?

What are the main reasons (in practice) that lead developers to apply the practice of developing interface-oriented rather than implementation?     
asked by 11.09.2015 / 21:03

When to use recursion and when to use loops?

A problem can be solved and get the same result as a loop or through Recursive calls to a function.
asked by 16.06.2014 / 19:13

What is Design Pattern?

I'm starting my studies in the area of Software Engineering, I heard a lot about the term Design Patterns and their applicability and importance in software projects. Here is a definition:    In software engineering, a design pattern or des...
asked by 05.11.2015 / 14:36