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How to horizontally center one div within another?

How can I horizontally center a div that is inside another div using only CSS? In this case, we can assume that div external outer has width of 100%. <div id="outer"> <div id="inner">Este é o elem...
asked by 21.12.2013 / 16:27

Centering elements of an SVG

Hello, I have <g> inside an SVG and would like to centralize your content, basically it would look like this: +-----------------+ x-----------------+ | X | | | | | |...
asked by 13.11.2018 / 20:01

Center H3 in section (Vertically and Horizontally)

Good Night, I'm having a problem aligning in the center of the section (using Html5) an H3. I've tried it in many ways but nothing. HTML <section class="BlackSky"> //Bacgkround <section class="StarsSky"> <h3>...
asked by 28.04.2018 / 23:33

How to put sub menus down menu-centric

How to put sub menus down menu-centric? This is my first question, because I really need an answer that will help me get what I want. It is intended that each sub menu go down horizontally, just below and in the...
asked by 04.04.2014 / 00:45