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What is spaghetti code?

When you read about software architecture on the web, sometimes the term spaghetti code is used, referring to something that should be avoided. > But I never quite understood what "spaghetti code" means.     
asked by 03.09.2014 / 14:35

Is C # a compiled or interpreted language?

I'm starting C # studies, and am I wondering if the language is compiled or interpreted? My doubt arises because I heard in a lecture that it is compiled, and others saying that it is interpreted.     
asked by 27.04.2016 / 17:00

Why is multiplication faster than division?

Bit brushing question, but I was reading an article on javascript that says split is slower than doing multiplication. And for example, I would recommend changing the code below: var resultado = 4/2; by that would be faster. var result...
asked by 28.03.2014 / 13:38

Difference between single and double quotation marks in PHP

What is the difference between single quotes and double quotation marks in PHP? Yesterday I was working with a JSON string from google calendar I used explode('\n', .. to separate a string. When I used the explode in "Mon Jul 7,...
asked by 06.02.2014 / 20:24

Javascript interpreted or compiled at runtime?

In this other question I asked the same thing, but in relation to Java. Now I ask about Javascript. As far as I know, Javascript historically has always been interpreted, but Google has changed that with V8 on Chromium. Am I right or wrong?...
asked by 22.07.2014 / 13:26

What are the differences between Generic Types in C # and Java?

I've studied Java for a long time and I'm well acquainted with the working of generic types in this language: I know there are only compile-time, type type erasure end of it (so that at runtime this information is not available), and I have...
asked by 21.03.2014 / 10:57

Why in PHP is the expression "2 + '6 apples'' equal to 8?

I found the example to be funny, but the question is valid in understanding why PHP behaves this way. When we make the sum shown below (an integer added to a string): $numero_macas = 2 + '6 maçãs'; The result is: 8 But in this case,...
asked by 14.08.2015 / 14:37

What is the difference between a single quote and a double quotation mark in SQL?

Context When I do a SQL and I want a specific alias I should enclose double-quotes ". SELECT A.ds_nome_pessoa AS "Pessoa.nome" ... When I want to make a where in of a field varchar the values must be in single quotation ma...
asked by 25.01.2016 / 12:21