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Difference between absolute and relative URLs in page content

The contents of the page can be requested by entering a complete URL, relative or relative to the root of the location where our base file (usually index.php or index.html ): Full <script src="
asked by 22.01.2014 / 20:41

Is it possible to use libraries within the java project framework?

My question is as follows, can I by way of relative path link my .JSP to a library within the project directory? Or just in the server directory: Webapps, etc? Currently, when I want to show an image on my system, I do the following: <im...
asked by 10.08.2018 / 15:53

Problem with registering jquery

I have an ASP.NET application with the structure Next: ProjetoWeb (raiz projeto) Compartilhado (pasta) |---Scripts (pasta) |----jquery-1.8.0.js Masters (pasta) |----Site.master Cadastros (pasta) |----ListarCadastros.ASPX Relatorio (pas...
asked by 21.10.2015 / 19:49

Map path of another project

I have a ASP WEB solution, and I have 4 projects in the solution. I have to map the path of a folder ( Images ) that is in a project named ADMIN . And from my WEB project I have to save the images inside this same folder. My dire...
asked by 15.05.2014 / 22:37