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Is using validation via client sufficient?

Is using validations in JavaScript enough for efficient validation? Example : Validate dates. Is it also necessary to check the code? What are the disadvantages of doing validations via client-side ?
asked by 17.04.2014 / 18:59

What does the "@" sign in C # mean?

I have the following string @"\servidor01\arquivos" . What is the function of @ in front of string ?     
asked by 20.11.2014 / 12:56

Is C # a compiled or interpreted language?

I'm starting C # studies, and am I wondering if the language is compiled or interpreted? My doubt arises because I heard in a lecture that it is compiled, and others saying that it is interpreted.     
asked by 27.04.2016 / 17:00

What does '~' mean in front of the constructor of a C #

Working on a project here in the company, I came across some commands that are now being used the most ( yield , ?? , anonymous type ) but until I understood, but one that caught my attention because I did not know the what is....
asked by 12.03.2014 / 20:56

What is the most appropriate way to concatenate strings?

There are different methods for concatenating strings, such as Concatenating with the "abc" + str Formatting String.Format("abc{0}", str); Using StringBuilder new StringBuilder("abc").Append(str); Using the Concat...
asked by 11.12.2013 / 21:42

In C #, what is the key word await?

I was studying this documentation on Identity , and the examples in C # have a keyword that I do not know, which is await , example: [HttpPost] [AllowAnonymous] [ValidateAntiForgeryToken] public async Task<ActionResult> Re...
asked by 29.01.2014 / 17:36

What is Reflection, why is it useful? How to use?

Is it recommended to use in projects? In which situations Reflection can it be used?
asked by 15.04.2014 / 23:05

Best data type to work with money?

I'm developing a project for commercial automation, using PAF-ECF and everything else. What would be the best data type to work with SQL Server and C # for money issues? Especially in relation to rounding and truncations. I imagine the bes...
asked by 13.02.2014 / 23:33

Using unused affect performance?

While developing, I saw that in most of my classes contained a certain amount of using that were not being used and I came to doubt the title. Using unused affects the performance of the application in any way? Do you always need to re...
asked by 21.05.2014 / 16:53

Differences between If and ternary operator?:

Is there a performance difference between using an if and a ternary operator in C #? I use Resharper (Productivity Tool for VS) , he insists that ternary operator is better but you do not explain why. Code, before Refactoring: if (i...
asked by 28.05.2014 / 16:01