What is ES6 specification?


Recently I started a project with Cordova + Ionic , and at some point I got into an impasse where I found the statement that framework follows the "latest" web standards, such as the new ES6 specification (or ES2015).

What would be ES6 (or ES2015) specification?

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Specification is a set of rules that will govern language implementations. It is going to have evolutions, new versions are created with news of what the language should have and the implementations that wish to conform to the most current specification should implement.

ES6 is EcmaScript 6. EcmaScript is the official name of what we know as JavaScript, which is actually the name created by Mozilla. This version is also known by the year of its publication, in the case 2015.

JavaScript is an implementation of EcmaScript. You have more information about this in another question .

ECMA is an international regulator of European origin. Similar to ISO which is more world-wide. Just like we have ABNT in Brazil. In general, approving an Ecma regulation is easier than ISO so it is common to opt for it.

There is a website with all the news from ES6 . The official specification can be obtained from the official website .

You can follow the implementation of this version in browsers. For example in Mozilla . You can also view a comparative table .

We are already working with version 7 (2016) . Soon we will have ES.Next, which does not have a definitive name yet.

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It is simply the newest version of JavaScript.

Actually, the most commonly used name is ES2016. The idea of the responsible committee (known as TC39) for language updates is to do an annual release. Then in that year we will have the ES2017 (or ES8). And so on.

Objectives of ES6

The TC39 focused on some goals in the development of ES6:

  • Be a better language to build complex applications;
  • Resolve old JavaScript issues;
  • Easy to develop libraries.

These goals will become clearer when you look at the ES6 features in practice.

Main Features

  • let;
  • const;
  • arrow functions;
  • destructuring;

In addition to some related to Object Orientation. How to syntax sugar for the famous get / setters and among others.


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