Error "An error occurred while processing your request. "


I've developed an application in MVC C # for reporting in JSON, in my%% of cases it works normally, the query takes a long time because I get 2 to 3 databases depending on the report, the application in Azure, most of the time it gives an error


"An error occurred while processing your request."

Sometimes it does without problems, I'm suspecting that it is some timeout that has been configured in the Azure panel, but I did not find this option in the panel.

asked by anonymous 10.10.2014 / 16:58

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I disabled customError and the actual error appeared, it happened that because of my carelessness I did not close a connection, when I ran host site it worked, but because the local host worked and no azure? good is because when you test on your machine you close the browser at the end of the test, thus closing the open connections, already in the azure on the other hand it does not open a browser, it makes the request and stays there, as it had not closed the connection it simply left it open thus exceeding the number of connections!

15.10.2014 / 13:50

The Azure network assumes that the application that is uploading is production, so Debug messages are turned off by default. The way is to manually enable the customErrors property in your project configuration.

Set up your Web.config with the following:

    <customErrors mode="Off" />
10.10.2014 / 21:42