NoSQL is synonymous with Object Oriented Database?


NoSQL is synonymous with Object Oriented Database?

If the answer is no : What is the difference between the two?

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There is a confusion of concepts here in your question. But responding in essence, no, they are not synonyms .

NoSQL refers to databases that use non-relational database technologies, not necessarily object-oriented . NoSQL, by the way, means Not Only SQL . This means that the database in question may (or may not) answer SQL statements. Typically databases respond to sentences in their own format or in other known formats (such as , for example).

The Wikipedia article in English separates these databases into several taxonomies, the most important being the format as each database stores information:

  • As Column
    • Accumulator, Cassandra, HBase
  • As Document
    • Clusterpoint, Couchbase, MarkLogic, MongoDB
  • As a key-value
    • Dynamo, FoundationDB, MemcacheDB, Redis, Riak, FairCom c-treeACE
  • As a Graph
    • Allegro, Neo4J, OrientDB, Virtuoso

An object-oriented database typically holds an object of a known language , such as Zope Object Database that saves objects , without necessarily having a transliteration of data.

Subtly different, a document-oriented database (which is often confused with an object-oriented database) stores documents in some specific format . For example, MongoDB stores documents in the form ("Binary JSON ", or" JSON Binary "), which is a variation of the . For this case, for a document to become an object, it would have to have a translation (or transliteration of data) of the document into the language object in question.

In addition, there are databases that store key-values, that is, a large associative array where each index stores a complex data structure, and the banks that store columns, which are as documents, but with each column having a value of timestamp itself.

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