Is there any way to make visual studio 2012 support windows mobile 5.0


I have a project in visual studio 2008 for windows mobile 5.0 and would like to migrate it to visual studio 2012 , but I read that this new version of visual studio does not support windows mobile 5.0 , but there is little information on that.

Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how would I make this migration work?

asked by anonymous 05.03.2014 / 22:28

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Unfortunately it is not yet possible.

There is a patch for windows mobile, but it is only from version 6.5. The website itself advises against using windows mobile 5.0, as there are necessary functions not yet implemented in it.

If you still have questions, read this topic in the msdn forum. For this type of application, unfortunately stay with VS 2008

Edit: The patch does not work after VS 2010 , so really is not possible.

06.03.2014 / 15:34