Do any one page pages appear in search engines?


One page sites, are they usually listed on search engines?

There are several articles and it seems that One page sites are not very friendly to search engines, is this a reality? In which cases? Only content delivered by Ajax?

I think of putting together an "online card" for the customer, with well-summarized content, using parallax effect, listing only some forms of contact.

Using this site below as an example, what should I do to improve search results?


Considering that this site would only be a portfolio, and one page or it would not have the same content;

In short: A one page with 4 sections linked by anchor links has less search efficiency against a 4 page site with a section within each?

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Yes, single-page sites appear in search engines, but in general a great deal of additional effort is required.

Traditional vs. Dynamic Pages

Search engines index various types of content, especially HTML, which is the traditional web base.

This means that if the content is not readily available in the HTML code it will not guess where it is, nor will it interpret your scripts and know what content you can upload dynamically.

Alternative techniques

To solve this problem, there are some techniques that can be used:

  • Include all hidden dynamic content in HTML so that the user does not see, but the indexing robot does. This way the site navigation is to change the visibility of the elements.

  • Show an alternative page for search engines. You can identify if an indexing robot is reading your site through HTTP headers. You can configure Apache or any web server to display a page in pure HTML for it with all the content of the site.

  • Use a site map and create several alternate URLs that render their content, however if the user accesses one of them then it is redirected to the main application.


    Note: I did not mean to be exhaustive. There may be numerous other techniques.


    It's perfectly possible to optimize a Single Page Application for SEO, but take the additional effort into account before adopting a solution like this.

    Particularly for the web in general I prefer a traditional template with separate pages.

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